Studio Basics: The Room

The Room

Why do I need acoustics?

Even the greatest engineer working with the best equipment can't overcome a poor sounding room. If you want to take your project or professional recording studio to the next level, it is critical to address the acoustic treatment of the room with proven recording studio gear such as bass traps, TubeTraps, StudioTraps, SoundPlanks, soundproofing, a QuickSoundField, or attack wall.

What is the best acoustic treatment I can get?

This will depend on your particular application. In general, if you are looking for a completely portable system, the AttackWall and QuickSoundField configurations of ASC StudioTraps are the answer.

For traditional (wall-mounted) acoustic treatment, every room is slightly different and we recommend consulting with us to find the best solution to your particular situation. You can call us direct to speak with one of our experts at 1-800 ASC-TUBE.

How do I build the perfect studio?

A great studio relies on a combination of soundproofing, sound conditioning (making the structural portion of the room acoustically controlled) and acoustic absorption-diffusion. If you are in the enviable position of building a studio from the ground up, start with proven soundproofing/conditioning construction methods and materials from ASC.

How do I soundproof my walls? Floor? Ceiling?

If you are concerned with sound isolation, either from within the studio, or from outside, the ASC Iso-Wall System is the answer. This unique construction system was developed and refined over 25 years of designing-and building-professional recording studios. It is the only sound isolation system of that is specifically engineered for optimal audio recording and playback.

The ASC Iso-Wall out-performs all forms of standard construction by combining the necessary elements required for superb playback performance. The room's interior becomes peaceful and quiet--free from disturbing exterior noises. At the same time, sound within the room is contained, and 'noise leakage' to the rest of the structure is minimized.

Beyond its sound isolating characteristics, an ASC-built wall has the added ability to condition the room's acoustic signature in the low-end bass frequency spectrum. By utilizing our proprietary WallDamp material (a visco-elastic polymer damping compound in sheet form) throughout the system, low frequency energy is absorbed into the wall. This reduces bass feedback and shuddering walls, which results in a clean, rich sound and well-balanced frequency response.

ASC's CablePassThru product makes it easy to run cables up to 3/4" thick through walls, while maintaining a tight soundproof seal.