MonitorStack Explained

The ASC MonitorStack is a variable system designed to improve the sound quality of the output of your beloved studio monitors where it matters most: at the source.

The complete package is sometimes unable to be implemented for various reasons.  Four tiers of MonitorStack upgrades exist, utilizing various components of the complete package.


After selecting the MonitorStack arrangement most suited to your needs and circumstances, use the following chart to select the proper model.  The loudspeaker compatibility chart is far from comprehensive; if your speaker is not listed, select a model whose diameter is slightly larger than your speaker's width.


Finally, to complete your MonitorStack you will need to select a height.  Vertical speaker dispersion patterns and variable seating posture throughout the workday render the precision required here somewhat low.  Try to find manufacturer's data for the "acoustic center" of your speaker, and measure your ear height in a relaxed, comfortable seated (or standing) position.

Now that you know the details of your MonitorStack, call or email ASC to place your order today! 1-800-ASC-Tube