StudioTraps Setup and Placement: Recording

Basic Starter Pack: (4) StudioTraps clustered around the mic. 

Best for vocals, horns, and reeds.  Experience improved instrument-to-room noise ratio and an enhanced sense of presence.


Standard QuickSoundField: (8) StudioTraps assembled into a circle/oval around the mic and talent.

Ideal for any instrument or vocals and medium sized drum kits.  The talent can get comfortable on a stool or chair and still sound amazing.

Ultra Deluxe QuickSoundField: (16) StudioTraps arranged in a large circle/oval/square around the mic(s), instrument(s), and talent(s).

Whether you are recording a small string ensemble, heavy metal drums, a reggae horn section, or the King of Pop, your tracks will sound great.  Ample room is provided for the talent to move, dance, and swing their way to a performance for the ages.