StudioTrap (2/box) Portable Recording and Mixing Absorber Diffuser

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Acoustic Sciences' hybrid absorber diffuser is your most essential tool for controlling studio sound.

The StudioTrap offers adjustable treble absorption & diffusion, 360 degree mid bass trapping, and variable height in one convenient package.  Improve accuracy and ambience in your mixes and recordings by assembling the StudioTrap into AttackWall and Quick Sound Field configurations.

Get big studio sound in any sized room.  The StudioTrap’s versatility and portability can create the same sonic environment in any room, anywhere.

Orders typically ship in 2-4 business days!
  • CHOOSE from 5 stock colors or a custom color!
StudioTraps are used by renowned music producers, mixing engineers, and artists in the studio. Standing on a tripod, StudioTraps are adjustable from 4 feet to 6 feet tall. You can quickly modify the height and diffusion characteristics in order to create the exact sound space you need at that time.


The StudioTrap has been fine-tuned by our engineers to professional standards.

  • Sturdy, rugged exoskeleton
  • Tunable ambient brightness
  • Adjustable wide angle lateral diffusion
  • Adjustable height
  • Tripod foot allows tight nesting
  • GreenGuard certified core
  • fiber-sealed construction
  • 100% recycled finish fabric (Guilford of Maine)


  • Adjustable diffusion prevents "dead room"
  • Adjustable full bandwidth absorption (dynamic)
  • control excess reverberation and mid bass mud
  • Sturdy exoskeleton makes it dent resistant for easy placement
  • Mitigate comb filtering
  • Improves signal to acoustic room noise ratio (room to primary signal)
  • Non resonant construction
  • Light weight for easy transport
  • Vocal recording
  • Instrument recording
  • In the control room: "take the room out of the mix"
  • Pseudo-soffiting of mid and near-field monitors
  • Assemble ASC AttackWall
  • Assemble ASC QuickSoundField
  • General room acoustic control

---------- StudioTrap Assembly Guide ----------

  • StudioTraps are sold in pairs, 2/box
  • Diameter: 9 1/2"
  • Adjustable height: 54" to 74" (to top)
  • Adjustable treble diffusion: >400 Hz
  • Weight: 14 pounds (each)
  • Ships in 2-4 business days (stock colors)